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Web standards

This site works as intended with any browser but Internet Explorer older than version 7. Particularly, IE<v7 doesn't honour "position:fixed" which means that the navigation box on the left and the white bars at the top and bottom of every page don't stick to their position when scrolling. On the other hand, text browsers (and probably screen readers, too) should render all pages just fine.

I am sorry if this limitation bothers you, but I try to keep this site standards compliant and usable for most browsers at the same time. These two goals may contradict each other sometimes and in these cases I generally prefer standards compliance and my (maybe misguided) conception of usability and tolerable design. This has nothing to do with the fact that I hate IE. Actually, I do occasionally test this site with IE and try to iron out (or work around) some of its major flaws.

All pages should be valid XHTML1 [1] and CSS2. This is mostly due to the good work of rest2web and in some cases my own partial capacity to deal with the various so-called 'web technologies'. (I do these things for a living, so I am sort of obliged to know how to handle them.) There is no JavaScript or other client side scripting stuff (Flash, ActiveX, Java...) on this site. And you may even save some CPU cycles and disable your Adblocker, since there are no ads on this site (at least not in the traditional sense).


You should be aware that my web server logs any attempt to connect to my site. Logging includes your IP address, User-Agent, the referring page and the page you are trying to access. This information may be aggregated by software like webalizer for my convenience and to satisfy my curiosity. Unless I am required by law, I will not give this information to anyone else. Raw log files are kept for two days only, which means that for a given day I have only this day's log file and those of the previous two days. Aggregated information may be kept significantly longer.

I do not use cookies or any other technique to analyze your browsing habits.

[1]Since IE doesn't even try to render XHTML delivered with Content-Type: application/xhtml+xml at all (although this is the correct thing to do), these pages are delivered as text/html. I know that this is technically wrong, but well...
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