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Hi, I am Jochen Spieker (né Schulz), a graduate of FH Nordakademie in Elmshorn, the town where I was born and raised. I have a degree in "Wirtschaftsinformatik" (a mixture of business and computer science) and am currently employed at a well-established software development company in Hamburg, Germany. My job used to consist of Java development and systems administration, but nowadays I mostly dispatch e-mails and attend phone conferences.

My fields of interest include Free Software in general, specifically Debian GNU/Linux, programming, systems administration and, of course, good music. My programming language of choice is (or: was) Python. My favorite band is Radiohead. You can find more easily decipherable information about them at Green Plastic).

For my diploma thesis (German) I studied the field of fuzzy search. I reimplemented most of the algorithms I explored in my thesis in Python and released them under a free license. Another publication of mine has been done for my studies as well. It's about Python's type system (again, German only), but it doesn't contain a lot of own work. If you're interested in this topic, I propose to just skip the text and use the bibliography.

Oh, and as previously mentioned, I have a blog that I have not updated for quite some time now.

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